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Louisville Slugger Pro Comfort Grip


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  • The Louisville Slugger Pro Comfort Grip gives you the perfect mix of tack and cushion, adding comfort to your swing without sacrificing performance. 
    • Available in 10 colors.
    • Available in 0.8 MM or 1.2 MM thickness.
  • Product SKU(s) WBL236401008, WBL236401012, WBL236501008, WBL236501012, WBL236601008, WBL236601012, WBL236701008, WBL236701012, WBL236801008, WBL236801012, WBL236901008, WBL236901012, WBL237001008, WBL237001012, WBL237101008, WBL237101012, WBL237201008, WBL237201012, WBL237301008, WBL237301012